Trumpington Road consultation

Cambridgeshire County Council is consulting on its proposals for Trumpington Road. Here is our view.

Trumpington Road is an important strategic route for accessing the city from the south. Changes to the road should seek to enable and encourage increased cycle use in order to relieve congestion in the city. Though the area under consultation here is small, it should be seen in the context of the need to upgrade the entire route to and from Trumpington.

  • We agree that changes to Trumpington Road are necessary to increase cycling journeys, through the provision of safe dedicated space and to remove the risk of dooring in the cycle lanes.
  • We strongly support the proposed changes to Trumpington Road to remove car parking on the East side to provide space for a 2m wide southbound cycle lane.
  • We prefer option 2 and strongly recommend that the additional space freed up be used to widen the existing northbound cycle lane as well.
  • We support moving the existing pedestrian crossing to just south of the Bateman street junction and the bus stop to just north of the junction.
  • We support the proposed changes to the Chaucer Road exit.
  • We support replacing the two-stage pedestrian crossing near the Fen Causeway roundabout with a one-stage crossing.

Our full response is here.

The Trumpington Road consultation closes on Monday 30th June. Please add your response via this link to the County Council website.