£62m UK cycling investment well under what is needed

The government's announcement of £62m investment in cycling still leaves the UK far, far short of the levels required to see high levels of cycling around the UK. £62m is equivalent to barely one mile of motorway, yet it will be spread thinly around the UK.

Our first priority as a cycling organisation is getting new people cycling. By providing inviting and safe spaces for cycling, people will then have the choice not to sit in traffic jams. Cambridge's Councils can invest in cycling and thereby reduce congestion, but only if they are given the funds to do this by central government.

The Dutch typically have invested £20 per person per year for decades, resulting in the vast majority of people choosing to cycle.

We hope that Cambridgeshire County Council will bid to become one of the three cities sharing in £30m, but in doing so they must make clear that such levels are nowhere near enough to turn Cambridge into a true 'Cycling City'.

Building our long-proposed route along the rail corridor, would demonstrate how a high quality route that breaks barriers to cycling, can reduce car congestion, improve health, and hence be of economic value to the whole country.