Parliament asks to Get Britain Cycling – our response

Our response to the Parliamentary Inquiry, 'Get Britain Cycling' is now online.

We will be giving evidence in person to the inquiry shortly.

Key points:

  • The need for a strategic cycling body in government
  • Adopting the Dutch CROW-25 guidance as official UK government policy on cycle infrastructure
  • Getting on with, and funding, improvements, rather than a continual treadmill of further studies
  • Cycling integration with health – facilitating active travel
  • Consistency in funding, not odds and ends that result in short-term compromises
  • National, ambitious targets for cycling
  • Exploring whether to make cycle training a compulsory part of the driving test 
  • Addressing safety by reducing speed and by providing Dutch-quality infrastructure
  • Priority over sideroads in infrastructure design
  • A national standard cycle lane width of 2.1m, ideally as hybrid or a fully-segregated Dutch-style cycle track
  • Enforcement of traffic law, based on the principle of relative danger of types of vehicles
  • Introducing civil enforcement of cycle lanes by bringing the Traffic Management Act 2004 Part 6 into force
  • A range of proposals to deal with HGV safety and driver training
  • A whole range of measures related to urban design
  • Tackling cycle theft through wider provision of cycle parking in towns, workplaces, residences
  • Integration of public transport with the bicycle
  • 20mph in residential areas

Do read our response.

We hope to give oral evidence to the Inquiry also in due course.