Police commissioner calls for crackdown on ‘danger’ cyclists

In a Cambridge News article today, the new police commissioner has called for a crackdown on "danger" cyclists. He refers to the survey we issued and to which he responded. We were not asked by the CEN to comment on his comments prior to publication. Our view is as follows:

The Campaign supports enforcement, applied in a fair and reasonable manner, of all traffic regulations, for all categories of road user, to reduce conflict and road danger.

Enforcement of the rules is important for all road users. However, the consequences of transgressions by motorists are likely to be far more serious than those by cyclists.

Police resources should in our view be targeted in proportion to the damage and danger created by different types of vehicles. This year there have been 122 cyclists killed around the UK, not to mention scores of other serious collisions. Accordingly, we look forward to hearing what Sir Graham has planned to deal with drivers on mobile phones, those speeding, and how he plans to ensure full redress for those affected by bad driving.

We continue to support the L.I.T. campaign currently being run by the police.