8: Necklace Village Links

8.1 Denny End to Waterbeach

Denny Abbey is a tourist attraction that is unlinked from the cycle network. Additionally, the IQ Cambridge business park is currently only accessible by car, and so has had difficulty attracting tenants. It is therefore important that a high quality segregated cycle route is provided that links Denny End, via the IQ Cambridge business park to Waterbeach, and then on to Milton. This would provide an alternative to the private motor car for people wishing to visit local leisure facilities, and employment sites.

8.2 Hauxton to Shelford

Shelford has a train station that provides access into London Liverpool Street station. Hauxton is the location of a new housing development that would benefit from having a safe cycleway to this train station.

By linking this new development to the train station, the option of cycling to the station would be available for everyone in this development.

8.3 Haslingfield to Granchester

Haslingfield is partially linked to Granchester via Cantelupe Road and a farm access crossing of the M11. By upgrading this link to be a high quality cycle route, Haslingfield would be connected to Cambridge. This would enable people in Haslingfield the option to cycle into Cambridge along a safe and traffic free route.

8.4 Coton to Comberton

Coton has a link to a Cambridge via a bridge over the M11. Extending this link to Comberton would link this village with the west Cambridge area. This would provide an excellent alternative for children wishing to cycle to school.

8.5 Histon to Cottenham

Cottenham is the third largest village in Cambridgeshire yet has no purpose built cycle infrastructure linking it to Cambridge, even though it is only 5 km away. A segregated cycleway should be built along the side of the B1049 from the centre of the village to Histon where an existing cycleway exists.

8.6 Wandlebury to Granta Park

Wandlebury is now connected to Cambridge via the Park and Ride site. However, a large business park next to the A11, called Granta Park is not connected. A segregated cycleway should be built from Wandlebury Country Park to Granta Park, with a new bridge over the A11 for cyclists to be able to cross this major obstacle in safety.

8.7 Coton to Hardwick / Highfields / Cambourne

As the A428 becomes filled with traffic, a result of a car dependent development at Cambourne, there will increasingly be a need to build a continuous cycleway from Cambourne to Coton, and then on to the western University area and the city centre.

8.8 Newmarket Road to Burwell

There is no high quality cycleway from Burwell towards the Airport area and the Eastern Retail area. The old dismantled railway line would provide an excellent link from Burwell through Swaffham Prior, Lode, Anglesey Abbey, through to Fen Ditton and Cambridge. This would require a new cycle bridge to be built over the A14. This bridge would also need to be able to accommodate pedestrians who would be able to walk easily from the eastern areas of Cambridge to Anglesey Abbey and the excellent countryside in this area.

8.9 Melbourn to Cambridge

The A10 is a very busy road with space available to provide a high quality segregated cycleway all the way from the high technology business parks in Melbourn to Cambridge. A new cycleway bridge over the railway line at Foxton would be needed, and would be significantly less expensive than an equivalent road bridge. This may also require additional cycle parking spaces to be provided at Foxton station, as the catchment area for this station would be significantly increased after the cycleways are built.