Leaflets on cycling: Thinking bike

When you have been riding a bike for a while, it is easy to take for granted the things that become second nature. There is a technique to regular cycling that makes it easier.

Summer is a good time to start cycling, but the weather is so rarely so bad to prevent cycling at any time of year.

You’ll find you tend to ride at a fairly constant speed – perhaps a little faster if you are outside the City and maybe a bit slower if the wind is against you. It is easiest to think of journeys by time rather than distance. Don’t alarm yourself by thinking how many miles it is to somewhere!

Combining trips makes good use of time – shopping on the way home is easy, and smaller shops are often more accessible.

Plan your route

There are lots of routes by bike that aren’t available to the car driver, usually more pleasant and less stressful, often quicker and sometimes safer. But how do you find out about them? The easiest way is to ask a friend or a colleague at work who already cycles and lives in your area – put a notice on your noticeboard perhaps.

If your workplace is a member of the Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme (see ‘Contacts’), get in touch with your cycling co-ordinator.

Material dated: July 1997