Leaflets on cycling: Taking your bike by car or train

It is still relatively easy to take your bike further afield by train from our area.

Anglia Railways (Cambridge – Newmarket – Bury St Edmunds – Ipswich, and other east Anglian rural services) have recently installed four bike racks on each of their trains and cut the cost to £1. Reservations are recommended.

West Anglia Great Northern (London – Cambridge – Ely – Kings Lynn) allow bikes free in the doorways of their trains (to London, on the stopping services only), and subject to peak time restrictions. Some of the trains have tip-up seats in one end compartment.

Central trains (to Norwich, Peterborough, Birmingham and the North-West) are hardest. They have very limited space for bikes and charge £6 for a return journey. Reservation is essential.

If you use a rack attached to the back of a car to carry bikes, you must ensure that you can still see properly, and that lights and number plate are not obscured.

Material dated: July 1997