Abbreviations / Glossary of cycle campaigning-related terms

Abbreviations / Glossary of
cycle campaigning-related terms

The following is a helpful list of abbreviations often found within local campaigning material of various kinds.

Please do contact us with any suggestions/additions.

AJC Area Joint Committee
aka Also known as
ASL Advanced Stop Line
BUG Bicycle User Group
C4 Cambridge Cycling Campaign Committee
CamFOE Cambridge Friends of the Earth
CCC Cambridge City Council (or CCiC)
Cambridge Cycling Campaign (or CCyC)
Cambridgeshire County Council (or CCoC)
CCiC Cambridge City Council
CCoC Cambridgeshire County Council
CCVS Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service
CCyC Cambridge Cycling Campaign
CEN Cambridge Evening News
CFE Cycle Friendly Employers (Scheme)
CHUMMS Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi Modal Study
CPRE Council for the Protection of Rural England
CSTF Cambridgeshire Sustainable Transport Forum
CTC Cyclists’ Touring Club
CTF Cambridgeshire Transport Forum
DA District Association (a CTC term)
DBFO Design Build Finance Operate
EiP Examination in Public
EWS English Welsh & Scottish – rail freight company
FLUA Fen Line Users Association
FOE Friends of the Earth
Go East Government Office of the East (formerly GOER)
GOER Government Office of the Eastern Region (now renamed Go-East)
HA Highways Agency
Highway Authority
HOP Home Office Partnership
MMS Multi Modal Study
P&R Park and Ride
PNR Private Non-Residential-Meaning parking spaces (usually in the context of a levy or tax)
RDS Railway Development Society
Red Top aka Traffic Advisory Leaflet
RMG consortium that built the A1M Huntingdon->Peterborough Road
RMS Route Management Strategy
RPG Regional Planning Guidance
SLA Service Level Agreement
STEER Sustainable Transport for the East of England Region
T2000 Transport 2000
TAL Traffic Advisory Leaflet (aka Red Top)
TEN Trans Europe Route
TfW Travel for Work (Scheme)
TRL Transport Research Laboratory
TRO Traffic Regulation Order
VED Vehicle Excise Duty