Cambridge City Cycle Parking Standards (from 2018)

The Local Plan 2018 sets out the Cycle Parking Standards for Cambridge City Council. All planning applications are expected to adhere to the standards.

Camcycle works hard to look at as many planning applications as possible, and will object where necessary. Please contact us if you are keen to ensure your development meets the very best of provision for cycling.

See Appendix L, page 416 [PDF page 423], starting at “Cycle parking standards (for both residential and non-residential)“:

Local Plan (Cambridge City) 2018 PDF, linked to Cambridge City Council’s website.

South Cambridgeshire cycle parking standards

See our page about the South Cambridgeshire cycle parking standards.

Earlier versions

We have worked progressively to get the standards improved over many years.

Previous versions: 1996, 2003, 2004, 2006