Buying a trailer

There are several shops within Cambridgeshire that may be worth trying when trying to buy a trailer.

The most expert company in the area is D-tek near Ely – their speciality is recumbents but we understand they have a good stock of trailers too.

Competent bike shops will be able to get stuff for you but are only likely to have kiddie-trailers actually in stock.

There have been a couple of trailer reviews in the Campaign’s newsletters – do a search via the search page. The Bike-Hod is not the world’s best cycle trailer for towing (hitch is too high), but as a compromise between one for pulling around by both bike and by hand it is a good design:

It’s much better to have the load carrying built into the bike. E.g. butcher’s bikes and postpersons bikes where a metal frame holds the weight over the front wheel. Another superb design is the long-john which can carry a beer barrel on the low platform between the front wheel and the rider.