Cambridge Cycling Campaign City

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 98.

Does the word ‘campaign’ in our organisation’s name work in our favour? For some people it has the wrong connotations and has put them off becoming members. For those not familiar with our work, it gives an impression that we’re working against rather than with other organisations to improve the quality of life in the city.

I’m suggesting we adopt the name, ‘Cambridge Cycling City’, which I think has a positive, inclusive and visionary feel. In my opinion it reflects the aspirations that we have for getting more people cycling more often. Each time you say or hear ‘Cambridge Cycling City’, I think it reaffirms the notion and plants the idea in people’s minds that this is a place where lots of cycling is expected and should be supported.

In the city, the campaign has a strong identity, and so a change of name could be unsettling and bring uncertainties. It could lose existing members who want the campaign to take a firmer line on a range of issues. On the other hand, a new outlook associated with a new name could broaden the membership and bring in new ideas that could make our campaigning work more effective. I will introduce a discussion on this topic at the monthly meeting on Tuesday 4 October 2011. I would be interested to receive views on this issue: please send them to or the other methods of contacting us listed on the inside front cover of the newsletter.

Simon Nuttall