Collision on The Busway

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 97.

As this newsletter was being finalised, we heard that there had been a collision between a bus and a cyclist riding on The Busway. Media reports were unclear on the details and we contacted police who told us that the matter is going to be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The Busway is officially closed until 7 August and is being used by contractors’ vehicles and for testing. The County Council is keen to stress that people should stay off until The Busway is opened.

However, when The Busway officially opens there will be several rights of way crossing it where there is no break in the concrete rails. There will also be occasions when flooding of the maintenance track will mean that pedestrians and cyclists will be tempted to use The Busway. We have previously been given very clear assurances that the long sight lines mean that these activities are safe, but this incident puts that into question.

Following our initial contact with the police we have written to The Busway team stressing that this incident must be investigated as quickly and as thoroughly as possible so that all can understand exactly what happened.