CycleStreets news

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 97.

CycleStreets is the not-for-profit spin-off project of the Campaign which runs the UK’s leading cycle journey planner and campaigning photomap.

The original Cambridge-only journey planner was launched on our website in June 2006. Back then it based its routes on a network which was traced over satellite photos of the streets of Cambridge. That network started off with only around 2,000 streets, and that provided a way for users to join the project and add their own traces to the map network. Now the data comes from OpenStreetMap – with millions of streets and paths!

There have been lots of developments in the last few months, so here’s a quick update:

New mobile phone apps

The new Android app (left) and calorie counter on the journey planner (right).
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If you have a mobile phone with internet access, you can plan cycle journeys on the move. There are three apps, all free, available now:

  • Android: Our long-awaited app has now been released. Just search for CycleStreets in the Android Market
  • iPhone: An updated version is available in the App Store
  • Other phones: We’ve created a version of the main website that is more suitable for small screens. Just to go and mobile phones will be automatically detected, giving you a small-screen version.

If you can help us develop these, please get in touch.

Journey planning on the website

The site will have planned around one million cycle journeys by the time you read this! Naturally, usage is highest in Cambridge and places with increasing levels of cycling like London.

Journeys now show the calories a journey would use up, and the CO2 saving compared to an equivalent car journey.

Although our main focus is short, practical, urban or semi-rural trips, the journey planner and apps can now plan journeys up to 200 miles.

Projects on the go

CycleStreets has been successful in obtaining funding and contracts for journey planner work elsewhere in the UK, to help fund the project:

  • Leisure routing for the great Bike Hub satnav app, which will provide circular leisure routes (e.g. ‘I’ve got two hours spare, find me a nice route which ends back here’).
  • A cycle journey planner and related data collection projects for Cycling Scotland, the organisation charged with getting more Scots on their bikes.
  • A campaigning toolkit project, won through the GeoVation contest funded by Ordnance Survey, the Technology Strategy Board and others. We reported on this in Newsletter 96. It will considerably change the way that Cambridge Cycling Campaign and other groups undertake campaigning – stay tuned.
  • Work relating to cycling data; details to be announced shortly.
  • Some smaller Council cycle projects.

Facilities for local businesses and organisations

There’s a new ‘Cycle to us’ link facility, where anyone running a website can add a customised link that pre-fills the destination box in the journey planner.

Just go to to create the customised link.