Interview: Cambridge Bike Tours

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 96.

 Simon Nuttall spoke to the proprietor of this new operation in the city.

Who are you?

I’m Anthony Dean, born on Mill Road in ’76.

Are you a cyclist yourself?

Dead keen on cycling, which is where the Bike Tour thing really comes from.

Can you fix a puncture?

2mins 14secs is my record to change an inner tube. I’ve got plenty of inner tubes that need patching up if you know anyone who’d like the job.

What’s your longest ever ride?

190km … that was a great day out.

What gave you the idea to set up Cambridge Bike Tours?

I’m a mad keen triathlete and whenever I go on holiday I always go on a Bike Tour wherever I am ‘cos it’s such a great way to see as much of a city as possible in a short space of time.

When I got back from living abroad for a number of years I wanted to go on a Bike Tour of my home city and found that there wasn’t one. Considering this is a Cycle City I couldn’t believe it. It’s not perfect for cycling but it’s pretty good with 80 miles of cycle lanes and routes etc., so I thought I’d set it up … and here we are.

What does a tour involve?

There are City, Grantchester and American Cemetery Tours … which are pretty much what they say on the tin. However, in summary we like to cycle out east along the river and look at boat houses, which aren’t on any other tour.

We look at the different commons and head through town to catch the essentials like Trinity Great Gate etc. We stop along the Backs to take that iconic photo, which is actually very difficult to get to if you’re a tourist and don’t know your way round town. We also take a look at our real tennis courts on Grange Road before heading back into the city. There’s so much more to tell you but I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

How long does it take?

Each tour is 2½ hrs long; however, we also do a Full Day Tour encompassing the City and Grantchester Tours which is 5½ hrs and includes an hour for lunch by the river.

Do I have to be fit?

It helps if you’ve at least ridden a bike before. In terms of fitness it’s a very leisurely pace and as flat as a pancake so most people can handle it. The first tour I took was a group of six Belgians who were between 65 and 70 years old and they wanted to do the City and Grantchester within three hours and they wanted to do it on traditional British bikes and they didn’t have any problems.

Have you got any electric bikes?

Not yet!

Who is going on your rides?

Mainly tourists from London or abroad but I’m really impressed to see so many ‘locals’ want a guided tour of their great city.

Full day tours cost £33, and shorter tours are £20.

Price includes bike and helmet hire.

Tel: 01223 366 868

More details about the business are at…