Getting involved

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 95.

There are, I suspect, a number of you who feel that they haven’t the time to get any more involved with the Cycling Campaign. Perhaps it would take up too much time that you’d rather spend on other things or with family or friends. That’s fair enough, but let me illustrate some of the ways you could help out which won’t take you away from that.

The Campaign’s stall bike.
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First: of course, you’ve joined. By doing so you have, albeit in a small way, increased our clout. Having over 1,000 members means we speak for quite a lot of people. You could encourage others to join too, though. Go on, go on!

Second: write to the local paper. Frequently the Cambridge News will print a story about cycling and after that prints any number of letters and website comments complaining about the shortcomings of those who use bikes. Well, if you have five minutes, respond. Do remember however, that you’d be doing this on your own behalf, not on the Campaign’s. For that you need permission.

Third: help out with the stall. Every so often our lovely yellow stall bike goes out to various events. Simon, our Events Officer, will usually let the members email list know when that will be, but if you want to help, it will probably only take an hour or two of your time.

Fourth: consider going to one of the local Area Committee meetings and reporting back on anything cycling related that is debated or raised. You can find out when and where they are on the City Council web site which also has details of other planning meetings that it might be useful to attend.

Bev Nicolson