Bike ride to Reach Fair 2011

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 95.

We hope as many of you as possible will come on our biggest cycle ride of the year. Most paper copies of your Newsletter contain several copies of the Bike Ride to Reach Fair leaflet. These are for you to display and give to friends and family. Our website also has links to the details in full, and if you need more leaflets do get in touch.

A fair reach

There’s been such good progress recently on improving the route through the fens that we’ve changed the ride significantly, making it shorter and simpler. We’ve cut out the long ride that went to Ely. We are riding only to Reach Fair where we shall stay for over two hours before returning via the newly named Lodes Way. The ride starts on bank holiday Monday 2 May outside the Guildhall in Market Square. We assemble from 9am and departures start at 9.30am every 15 minutes until our last departure at 10.15am. You can join the ride as we pass the Fort St. George pub on Midsummer Common, the Green Dragon Bridge on Stourbridge Common, or at Newmarket Road Park & Ride where the last riders will pass through at 10.45am. Slower riders are encouraged to join the earlier starts to ensure we get to Reach in good time for the opening of the fair at noon.

Marshal plan

Our goal of 500 riders depends on the weather on the morning of the ride, and how well we can all encourage our friends and families to take part in the event. This event is an excellent demonstration of the practicality of bicycles over this sort of distance.

We do need more people to help marshal the event to make sure it runs smoothly. The main job of a marshal is to know the route, so if you want to help with that do get in touch. As many marshals as possible should come on our reconnaissance ride which is happening on Friday 29 April (also a bank holiday this year) leaving from 10.30am in front of the Guildhall. We ride the whole route to note any problems and to make sure the paths are clear of sharps that might cause punctures.

Mayor Rides

The Mayor of Cambridge and her husband will be riding with us. We think this may be the first time in its 800+ year history that the Mayor has cycled to Reach to open the fair. There’s great potential for this to boost the event and it could attract increased mainstream press coverage.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Simon Nuttall