Bikes and lights

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 94.

We were pleased that at least one writer of letters to the Cambridge News understands some of the problems cyclists face.

‘People grumble about cyclists without bike lights but parents cannot buy bicycles withbuilt-in lights. There would be chaos on the roads if motorists had to rely on fragile plastic lights which break easily and rely on separately fitted batteries which keep running out. With modern technology, lights could be an integral part of a bike and be expected to last for 5 or 10 years without needing replacement parts. It would be easy nowadays to provide the power without the drag associated with old-fashioned dynamos.

Rob Wheway, Director, Children’s Play Advisory Service.’

We know it IS possible to buy bikes with integral lights – one of our committee members has one – but they are not at all common and tend to be at the upper end of the price range. Has anyone seen an affordable child’s bike with built-in lights?

Monica Frisch