Seasonal social 2010

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 94.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s seasonal social 2010. Clockwise from bottom left: Monica Frisch, Chris Dorling, Simon Nuttall, Katrina Nuttall, Bev Nicolson, Shaun McDonald, John Cooter, Nigel Deakin.
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Nine members celebrated what I consider to be one of the best years for the promotion of cycling in Cambridge with a Christmas dinner at CB2 Bistro. It’s been a year in which we’ve seen many new schemes come to fruition, not least of which is Hills Road bridge, which at last has proper lanes to help cyclists negotiate one of the city’s busiest roads. There has been progress too on making Gilbert Road safer for cycling, and there are new cycle routes linking the edge of Cambridge to nearby villages.

There have also been frustrations that show we’ve still got work to do to change attitudes. One example is cycle parking in Fisher Square (near the Central Library), where City Council planning officers sought to put up unfriendly ‘No bikes here’ signs instead of trying to solve the problem. Another is the very disappointing Arbury Road scheme, which amounted to putting cyclists on the pavement: we had rather expected that we’d seen the back of that sort of thing.

We agreed the positives for cycling in Cambridge this year have been: Hills Road Bridge, Gilbert Road, and the extra cycle parking that has appeared around the city, and so a big thank you to Cycle Cambridge

At a national level, we were very sad to see the demise of Cycling England, which despite its effectiveness succumbed to the bonfire of the quangos. They have been funding Cycle Cambridge who have seen most of the schemes I’ve mentioned actually get implemented, and who have brought new energy and a new level of expectation about what can be achieved in promoting cycling.

It’s been a busy year for the Campaign too – we’ve organised a lively programme of speakers at the campaign’s monthly open meetings, we ran two Rides for Joy and supported a cycle fashion show.

The social evenings are held every four months, at CB2 Bistro in Norfolk Street, and are a way to get involved in cycle campaigning without feeling under pressure to go away with a set of actions.

Simon Nuttall