West/Central Area Committee: 6 January 2011

This article was published in 2011, in Newsletter 94.

The City Council holds a meeting every two months for each of four parts of the city (see Diary), and these often deal with matters relating to walking and cycling, alongside planning and other local issues that may arise. Members are warmly encouraged to attend, make cycle-friendly comments, and report back to us where possible.

The website of independent city resident, Richard Taylor, at www.rtaylor.co.uk, is also worth reading in this regard as he often gives detailed reports of the meetings.

Huntingdon Road

It appears unlikely that this road will get a 30 mph speed limit, for the moment anyway. The only possible chance is a grant from Cycle Cambridge to widen the cycle lanes and thus possibly bring down the speeds. In any case, there are hopes of tapping into future cycle money though the situation is not clear. If funds do become available, this is one of the many schemes that would still be considered.

Speeding along Parkside and Parker Street

In response to a question regarding speeding on Parkside at night by coaches, buses and taxis, a senior council officer told the meeting that the 20 mph policy is to be reviewed and it is hoped that the consultation will begin at the end of the month. There will be an opportunity for councillors and residents to give feedback, after which Cabinet will make the final decision whether to alter the current policy on 20 mph speed limits. Chief Inspector Dave Sargent said it’s not enforceable because of Association of Chief Police Officers guidelines. We were told that the council do regular checks, provide feedback to drivers and can then seek action from bus operators, if needed. The council have considered the threat of removing transponders from taxis but would not do so for buses. Apparently, Stagecoach are installing equipment which will detect any aggressive driver behaviour.

Bev Nicolson