Your Streets This Month

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 93.

Progress on Cycle Cambridge routes

New Bit widened (there are two parallel cattle grids). Below: the opening with councillors Ian Nimmo-Smith, Cambridge City Council and Tony Orgee, Cambridgeshire County Council
Image as described adjacent
Image as described adjacent

Cycle routes to Wandlebury and Sawston have recently opened as have new roads through the Addenbrooke’s site, while work is progressing on other Cycle Cambridge schemes. See elsewhere in this Newsletter for further details.

New Bit

Work on New Bit (National Cycle Route 11) was finally completed in late October. This is the stretch of NCN 11 that runs through the meadow alongside Trumpington Road, opposite the Botanic Garden. Further on, a branch of the path goes across the river towards Newnham. Readers may recall that there was some delay in reconstructing the path as permission had to be sought from the then Secretary of State to build on common land. Happily, this was granted and the result is that the path has been widened from 1.8 to 2.5 metres which easily accommodates people both on foot and on bicycles. The path has been given a wooden edging along New Bit with the tarmac laid twice and rolled. The scrub to the side has also been cut back (though I’m not sure foragers of blackberries will get a better harvest next year). Whilst the surface is not as smooth as it could be, it is nonetheless a joy to use and the two angled cattle grids at the Brooklands Avenue entrance help enormously. The litter bin which was removed needs to be replaced with one with some kind of cover to prevent cattle and other animals rummaging among the rubbish. Replacement of the bin is important to prevent litter along this attractive path, on the Common or in the Brook.

St Andrew’s Street

Since mid-October a section of road by the John Lewis department store has been closed. People on foot could get through but cyclists needed to dismount and wheel their bikes past the barriers. The closure was the result of roadworks at the junction of St Andrew’s Street and Emmanuel Street to deal with subsidence. The work was expected to take only a fortnight but then an underground cavern, which it transpired belongs to BT, was found. It was reopened on 19 November.

Mill Road

The stretch of Mill Road between Tenison Road and Hemingford Road will be closed on Saturday 4 December, from 10.30am to 5pm for the Winter Fair.