Charity number 1138098

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 92.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is now a charity! This follows the clear vote by members at the 2008 AGM to apply for charitable status. Several Committee members have also worked hard to carry out the necessary administrative changes.

The charity’s Objects

The charity’s objects (‘the Objects’) are:

to promote cycling for the public benefit in and around Cambridge as a means of furthering the following charitable purposes:

i. the promotion of public health,
ii. the promotion of the conservation and protection of the environment,
iii. the promotion of cycling for the public benefit, by promoting, assisting, facilitating and protecting the use of bicycles and similar vehicles on public roads and publicly accessible routes,
iv. the promotion of public safety, particularly on the highways,
v. the promotion of healthy recreation in the interests of social welfare, and
vi. the advancement of education

by whatever means the Trustees think fit, including the provision of cycling facilities, services, training, educational activities, and lobbying and campaigning in matters relating to cycling and other forms of transport.

This means that the Campaign’s work is legally required to be within these bounds.

You can view the formal statement of the charity’s details on the Charity Commission web site at

The new constitution is available at and the members of the Committee are now trustees of the charity. They have responsibility in law for the activities of the charity.


The benefits of this new status are expected to be to:

  • emphasise that our focus is the public benefit and not a narrow sectional interest
  • enhance our reputation as the leading cycling advocacy organisation in the area, and to improve our ability to argue for better cycling conditions
  • enable us to claim Gift Aid on donations
  • improve our ability to obtain grants or matched funding
  • improve the likelihood of being able to run a direct debit facility
  • clarify our responsibility in the event of someone suing the Campaign
  • enhance our systems of governance through the external regulation that being a charity brings
  • provide members with further reassurance of the security of their membership subscriptions and personal details
  • make it potentially more straightforward to consider recruiting someone as a consultant or an employee.