Can bus drivers see cyclists?

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 91.

There was an unusual attraction at the Bike Fair: a bus! Steve, who deals with training for Stagecoach Cambridge, brought one along to let people see what a bus driver sees.

These images will surprise many cyclists.

In the first image, Steve is standing in a typical position for a cyclist next to a bus. The next image shows what the bus driver sees – the cyclist is not visible to the driver at all.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

We then asked Steve to move backwards. In these next two images, the cyclist is therefore positioned further back from the coach. Only now is the cyclist just becoming visible to the driver.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

We’d like to thank Steve and Stagecoach very much for helping with these bringing along a bus and helping with these pictures!

What is the solution here? Better mirror design, or cyclist education? Let us know your thoughts.

Martin Lucas-Smith