More Cyclehoops

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 90.

Simon wonders why a Cyclehoop has been used when there is space for a proper rack nearby.
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More Cyclehoops are appearing around Cambridge. They provide some security for cycle parking where there would not otherwise be room to install racks.

We feel these are a laudable and welcome attempt to provide improved security for bikes in restricted areas.

However, our policy is that these should not be installed in areas where there is space for proper cycle parking, including reallocation of car parking space. We are disappointed to see that these are starting to appear in places where Sheffield stands, which enable better locking and give proper priority to cyclists’ needs, could be installed.

In some cases, Sheffield stands could and should be installed at the expense of half a car parking space, rather than having valuable pedestrian space taken up by bikes locked to a Cyclehoop.

For more examples of where a Cyclehoop is installed, have a look at the gallery at

We will oppose Cyclehoop locations where space for Sheffield stands is available or could be reallocated from car parking, but welcome other locations where space really is restricted and where they can be installed without detriment to pedestrians.