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This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 90.

Our monthly meetings are open to all, and take place on the first Tuesday of each month, at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane, at 8 pm, with refreshments and a chance to chat from 7.30 pm.

June 1

The June monthly meeting, on 1st June, will start with an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider three items. Please come along. We need you to ensure we are quorate and to take decisions on these three important matters.

1) A change to the wording of our proposed Charity Objects so that our charitable status application can proceed. At the 2008 AGM, the following Objects were approved:

‘to promote cycling for the public benefit in and around Cambridge as a means of furthering the following charitable purposes:

(i) the promotion of public health,

(ii) the promotion of the conservation and protection of the environment,

(iii) the promotion of public well-being, particularly on the highways,

(iv) the promotion of public safety, particularly on the highways,

(v) the promotion of healthy recreation in the interests of social welfare, and

(vi) the advancement of education by whatever means the Trustees think fit, including the provision of cycling facilities, services, training, educational activities, and lobbying and campaigning in matters relating to cycling and other forms of transport.’

Our application was submitted in November 2009. The Charity Commission, however, are unhappy with Object (iii). The following new wording for this Object is therefore proposed for approval:

‘(iii) the promotion of cycling for the public benefit, by promoting, assisting, facilitating and protecting the use of bicycles and similar vehicles on public roads and publicly accessible routes’.

2) An election to fill two vacant General Campaigner posts on the Committee. These posts are a great way to get involved in cycle campaigning, and are the least time-consuming positions on the Committee: you can get involved with campaigning on whatever particular issues you feel strongly about. Give us a call if you would like more information on being on the Committee.

3) Ratification of the interim decision of the May monthly meeting to elect Chris Dorling as our new Treasurer.

July 6 and August 3

We do not yet have any speakers arranged but watch out for further information. We shall have the usual lively discussions of issues concerning cycling and cyclists in Cambridge, followed by the usual more informal conversations in the Maypole round the corner. If you have any suggestions for speakers, do let us know.

September 7: Dr Ian Walker

We’re delighted to announce that Dr Ian Walker, Travel Psychologist at Bath University, will speak at the September monthly meeting.

Ian’s research looks at psychological and behavioural factors in people’s road safety and travel behaviour. His road safety work looks in particular at how drivers’ attention and decision-making mechanisms affect the safety of vulnerable road-user groups such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Of particular interest at the moment is how informal communication between road users affects the safety of vulnerable groups, and looking for common themes in cyclist and motorcyclist accidents.

One paper of his, Drivers overtaking bicyclists: Objective data on the effects of riding position, helmet use, vehicle type and apparent gender, is of particular interest to cyclists and has resulted in national publicity and debate on these issues.

Do put this date in your diary, for what promises to be an interesting evening!