Bikes on Anglia Trains

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 9.

As you know, Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a partner in the Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme, which was funded as part of the Government’s Cycle Challenge grant. In fact Cambridgeshire received two other grants under the same scheme: one was for works in Wisbech, and the other was to increase provision for bikes on Anglia Trains. Anglia runs the cross-country services in our area, into Suffolk and Norfolk, and this particular project was especially in partnership with Suffolk County Council.

This scheme is nearing completion, and we hear that they will be looking for volunteers to try it out in December. If anyone is interested in helping, do give me a call on 690718.

We’ve heard from other sources that the scheme was not without its problems. While the tip-up seats sections of the WAGN trains to London have been established for years, apparently there were originally health and safety objections to installing new such areas. It is easy to see why one might be wary about having bikes in the same open space as passengers in the event of an accident, but some of the London trains are clearly much better than others in this respect: the better kind have two tip up seats (room for 4 or so bikes) and a divider with the remaining seats while others are just a set of bench seats down each side.

Anyway, Anglia Trains have clearly overcome the hurdle and we look forward to seeing the new service in action. There will be a charge, yet to be confirmed, but it will be less than £6.