This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 9.

Having attended the AGM, along with a roomfull of other enthusiastic members [including a lovely, ‘productive’ new baby], I believe it’s clear that the CCC has a bright future. If only the average city cyclist knew there was such an intelligent, well-organised, active and good humoured bunch active on his or her behalf, David Earl’s mailbox would be bursting with cheques.

I pay this compliment sincerely, [not to curry favour as newly elected newsletter editor, you understand], and I think you should be very pleased with what you have collectively achieved in such a short time. So do pat yourself on the back. Then tap someone else’s shoulder and tell them they should be part of this. Who knows, perhaps we’ll need to book the Cambridge United football ground next time.

I hope that the Newsletter will continue to be a useful tool in spreading the word, as well as a method of keeping in touch. To be honest, it was as the result of reading a copy I found blowing down Bridge Street that I joined up.

Outgoing editor, Jonathan, should be thanked for all his hard work in the past. And, perhaps, the person who carelessly discarded Issue 3. Clearly, it sometimes pays to read the gutter press.

Philip Morley