April Question Time

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 89.

On Tuesday 6th April, our usual monthly meeting (7.30 for 8 at the Friends Meeting House) will become a parliamentary question time. The four main parliamentary candidates for the Cambridge constituency have agreed to sit on a panel to answer audience questions on cycling and transport issues.

The four are: Nick Hillman for the Conservatives, Julian Huppert for the Liberal Democrats, Tony Juniper for the Green Party, Daniel Zeichner for Labour. All have made positive statements about cycling in the past.

After a short introduction from each of them, we’ll address the audience questions. To give some structure we’ll invite written questions beforehand and choose from among them, running the meeting in the style of Question Time or Any Questions. If there are questions you would like to ask, you can contact us now, or submit them at the start of the meeting.

We hope this will be an interesting and productive evening and that it will be a popular event. Do come along if you can.