This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 89.

It has been a rewarding first year in post for myself and John Stanley as we encourage more and more people to cycle in Cambridge.

As part of the Cycle Cambridge project, we have trained over 120 cyclists ranging from foreign students and complete beginners through to group events with CamSAR – a local search and rescue team. John, Nikki, Chris, Simon and Maya have worked really hard, and with the training costs being heavily subsidised, the average trainee now spends 4 hours with us.

Encouraging more cycling in Cambridge: (from left to right)Rich Johnson (the stunt rider used to launch Bikeability at Kings Hedges Primary School), Simon Haydn, Lisa Dawson (from Outspoken) and John Stanley.
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Outspoken also did a fantastic job training 380 pupils to Bikeability Level 2 between September and December 2009, and have introduced cycle training to schools which had never had training before. Our target was to train 564 pupils, but we’re doing better than expected and will be training a further 120 pupils in the run up to summer. Each pupil receives 6.5 hours of training and they cover both Bikeability Levels 1 and 2, so they also gain crucial on-road experience.

Whilst they’ve been out training, I’ve been working on reducing paperwork and promoting our cycling services to businesses. This has already made a difference. By introducing a new database and online registration system, we’ve managed to reduce processing time by 95 per cent.

We’ve also bought a series of loan bikes, which are stored around the city at key locations, such as the train station and the Grand Arcade, so even people without a bike can do some training.

And I am still making time to get out on the road as well, wearing our distinctive blue jackets and training the odd person too!

My first year has flown by – I expect the next year to be just as exciting.

Simon Haydn – Bikeability Project Officer