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This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 88.

City cycleway improvements

Consultations are now underway on proposed improvements to cycleways on Cherry Hinton Road, Madingley Road, The Tins and Gilbert Road (clockwise from top left).
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The Cycle Cambridge team at the County Council is now consulting on some long-awaited improvements within Cambridge, as part of the Cycling Demonstration Town programme. Crucially this includes improvements to Gilbert Road, in particular removal of the car parking, which we strongly recommend members to support. The information below is taken from the County Council’s website ( where plans of the proposals can be found.

Cherry Hinton Road

Facilities for cyclists have been reviewed in detail to see what improvements could be made. Owing to the relative narrowness of the road, it is not realistic to have on-road cycle lanes on both sides of the road. The proposals involve improvements to the shared-use off-road cycle route.

Madingley Road

The team has been looking at improving the provision for cyclists with a combination of on-road and off-road cycle paths. From Queens’ Road to Storey’s Way the existing off-road shared-use path will be widened. From Storey’s Way to the Park & Ride there will be a combination of on-road and off-road paths, as the width of the road varies considerably.

The Tins

Discussions are currently taking place regarding the purchase of land to widen the route on one side or the other. From initial surveys the most likely improvement will be to the north side.

Gilbert Road

The proposal is to introduce traffic-calming measures and improve the cycle lanes along Gilbert Road.

See article in this Newsletter for more on these proposals.

Local Transport Plan consultation

The County Council is about to start 
the consultation process for the Local Transport Plan so that what money there is will be spent on what the public want (paraphrasing Councillor Roy Pegram when interviewed on Radio Cambridgeshire). Details of the consultation, which runs 
until 9 April, including dates of exhibitions, are on its website (

Devonshire Road narrowed

Because of hoardings around the building next to the Youth Hostel in Devonshire Road, the width of the carriageway has been reduced by about a third. Surprisingly, there are no signs warning of the hazard, nor are there any lights on the hoardings. So watch out.

Devonshire Road Pothole


The winter weather is causing damage to road surfaces, so beware of new potholes and please report them at