Mill Road Winter Fair

This article was published in 2010, in Newsletter 88.

The closure of Mill Road for the first time proved popular (left) with attractions in 2009 (from top right) including our very own 
Cycling Campaign ambassadors, seen here with the stall bike; Morris dancing; and the ‘unmissable’ insect circus featuring ‘trick cycling’.
Image as described adjacent

This was the fourth time a Winter Fair had been held along Mill Road on the first Saturday of December. A decision was made fairly late on to close a stretch of Mill Road either side of the railway bridge between 10:30 am and 16:30 pm. The effect of the road closure was to make the whole event so much more relaxed and enjoyable than in previous years. Many people were asking why it can’t be like that more often, or even all the time!

For most of the afternoon the bridge area was solid with pedestrians flowing along the street. Cyclists were included in the closure too, but some did continue to ride.

Your campaign stall was strongly supported by a dozen volunteers who worked in shifts to cover the event. Many people visited the stall to offer their support, thank us for what we’re doing, and even to sign up as new members. The stall is an important public face of the campaign and it is a great way of finding out what are the issues of interest to cyclists (and non-cyclists) and those who wonder why Cambridge needs a cycling campaign. We’d like to run the stall more frequently, so if you are interested in helping do get in touch.

Simon Nuttall