Council take to trike

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 87.

Cambridge City Council staff are ditching cars in favour of pedal-power to get around the city for council business. They have added a tricycle with cargo compartment and a trailer made from recycled materials to their fleet of 16 pool bikes spread across its offices, which are available for use by staff. The two new additions will allow staff to use bikes even when they need to transport loads.

Council officers David Bradford and Vicky Kelso, with Andy Tompkins from Trailer Trash and the new bike and recycled trailer.
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David Bradford, Cycling and Walking Officer for the council said, ‘The tricycle can carry loads of up to 100 kg enabling some staff to cycle on work-related journeys transporting loads they may otherwise have had to take by car. Some journeys around the city will actually be shorter and quicker using the tricycle than they would have been by car and there is the added benefit of helping to tackle congestion and maintain good air quality.’

The recycled trailer was made by local outfit Trailer Trash and was specially designed to transport display materials and leaflets. Vicky Kelso from the City Council’s recycling team said, ‘We will be using the trailer to take our recycling message about the new blue bins out into neighbourhoods around the city for small events. As well as being easy to park anywhere, it helps to reinforce our message because the trailer is made from scrap materials – part of it is even made from an old sign we replaced at one of the council’s recycling points.’

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Monica Frisch