Cycle Cambridge – next round of consultations

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 87.

We’ve just been through one round of consultations on cycling schemes, and all of these have now been approved, in principle, by the County Council’s cabinet. Final details are still in preparation, so input can still be accepted, and it is still a possibility that some schemes may not make it to construction. Cambridge Cycling Campaign has a seat on the Advisory Officer Technical Group for the Cycle Cambridge project. This group meets quarterly, gives us early input, and some responsibility. We don’t think the campaigning groups on many other cycle town projects have been given this privilege.

The next round of schemes, which go out for initial consultations after Christmas, will include:

Some of these will consider options, and some others will no doubt receive mixed views from our wide range of members.

Cherry Hinton Road: any scheme here would have to deal with the worst obstacle, the roundabout at Mowbray Road (left),but it could also be amongst the first schemes to have priority over side roads (right).
Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

Gilbert Road and The Tins have been high on our campaigning list for years. Gilbert Road may be a case where we should consider advisory lanes with waiting/loading restrictions, as an alternative to mandatory lanes. The Tins has received ‘remedial work’ and should get a complete makeover requiring land purchase. We believe the bridge at Brookside will be replaced, although unfortunately the railway bridge will remain untouched.

Still on the list are some connecting links to the guided bus route, as these were not funded as part of the guided bus project but were included in Local Transport Plan funding from central government.

We are now halfway through the period of Cycle Cambridge funding from DfT, and some schemes on the wish list are likely to fall off the end of the list, either because they are hard to achieve, or because the money was never there to fund all the schemes on the original list.

The DfT had approved some innovation regarding ‘No Entry’ exemptions, and we believe some Cambridge streets are on this list.

Jim Chisholm