New Bikeability Project Officer in town

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 85.

Simon Haydn, left, and, far right, on a Kirk bike.
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As I have been in post since June and been busy settling into my new role, I thought it was time I introduced myself. My name is Simon Haydn and I’ve been in Cambridge just over 2 years now, although I was born in Bedford and grew up in Bury St Edmunds.

My main responsibility will be the monitoring and promotion of cycle training to both adults and children, but I’m also keen to help remove the common barriers to cycling. I’m well travelled and have been a daily cyclist for most of my life, experiencing cycling to school in Germany and to work in Norway, but I also drive. This broad experience helps me to see the argument from both sides and I always treat people fairly.

My claim to fame is that I run a tribute website dedicated to magnesium die-cast Kirk bicycles, through which Frank Kirk contacted me (and he actually bought one of his own designs back). They were quite controversial at the time, despite the revolutionary way they were built, and became a true Marmite bike – you either loved or hated them.

Those of you that have met me already, will know that I’m full of ideas and enthusiasm to promote cycling, but I’m also here to listen and build a useful network of contacts, so feel free to get in touch.

Simon Haydn, Bikeability Project Officer

You can contact Simon at, call 07920 507161 or write to him at Major Transport Infrastructure Delivery, Cambridgeshire County Council, CC1211, Castle Court, Cambridge, CB3 0AP.