Your streets this month

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 85.

Croft Holme Lane signage

The old sign which directed cyclists to a non-existent cycle lane has now been removed, with new signs (below) directing cyclists to use the shared-use pavement in front of the stationery store.
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For many years there was a ‘Cycle Lane’ sign at Mitcham’s Corner indicating a cycle lane towards Croft Holme Lane. Croft Holme Lane is a rather intimidating stretch of road for cyclists and it has no cycle lane. Now the sign has been removed. Instead, an ‘end of route’ sign has been installed and a new ‘route sign’ put up on the shared-use pavement next to the stationery store. It has been pointed out that this sign is facing against the flow of Croft Holme Lane motorists and that cyclists can’t normally see it. While the shared-use pavement is really substandard, when travelling to Chesterton Road East and Milton Road it is shorter and avoids two sharp bends (Croft Holme Lane and Victoria Road) which cyclists have to negotiate with buses and lorries (as Maids Causeway is no longer an exit for HGVs leaving the city centre). Instead of one bogus sign we have two legally correct but useless new signs. Progress in a way …

New signs at Croft Holme Lane

The Tins Path

The Tins Path from Brookfields to Cherry Hinton has reopened after resurfacing. We have been told that as part of the Cycling Town programme there are plans to widen this path to make it more suitable for combined use by cyclists and pedestrians. However, this is dependent upon discussions to determine whether the path can be widened into the Territorial Army’s site to the north and/or towards the lake to the south. If land can be obtained, then the main scheme to widen the route will take place next year. The Cycling Town programme points out that ‘improving it should encourage more people to commute into Cambridge by bicycle from Cherry Hinton, and will provide a safer more pleasant alternative to Coldhams Lane’. More information about the Cycling Town initiative can be found at

Resurfacing has improved the Tins Path, but much of Fulbourn Old Drift is still potholed.
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Fulbourn Old Drift

Barton Road

Part of Fulbourn Old Drift now has a beautiful smooth surface but over only half the problem length. The remainder is as potholed and crazed as ever and and the footway, which is in an appalling state, hasn’t been addressed at all.

Barton Road

The crossing on Barton Road cycle route from Lammas Land across Newnham Road has been ‘refreshed’ and has a smart new red surface with white markings (right).

Coton footpath

Thank You

The overgrowth along the Coton footpath has now been trimmed back. A big thank you to Cambridgeshire County Council. We hope that other cycle routes will also get the maintenance they need …