Before you vote …

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 84.

… see what the candidates think about cycling

For the third year running, we have run our survey of what candidates in the local elections think about cycling issues. The elections for the County Council take place a few days after publication of this Newsletter, so by the time you read this, candidates should have submitted a range of views.

You can view their responses on the Campaign’s website at (As ever, we are happy to print copies of pages on our website for members without internet access – just give us a ring and let us know which ward you are in.) We will print a summary of what the candidates think in the next Newsletter.

We requested suggestions for questions from members on the e-mail list, and these have all been used in the survey.

Questions this year cover the following topics (and a few other local issues):

  • Cycle parking, and the need for on-street residential cycle parking, sometimes at the expense of a few car parking spaces
  • The need for greater resources for traffic policing, including of cyclists without lights or using pavements
  • 20 mph speed limits for local streets
  • Views on the congestion charge, and what candidates think £500m should be spent on, if it goes ahead
  • Hills Road bridge changes, to give over a lane’s worth of space to cyclists
  • Making Mill Road more walking and cycling-friendly
  • Disallowing parking on Gilbert Road, a major route for cycling, particularly by school children
  • Cycling into the city from Histon.

Elections Cartoon

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a non-partisan body, and all candidates have been given an equal opportunity to submit their views.

Martin Lucas-Smith