Innovative ideas

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 84.

Several lists of schemes for Cambridge and the necklace villages have been published on the County Council’s web site as reports to various Committees, and the most recent can be found at:

Some of these are making slower progress than hoped for because of land ownership issues.

Of further interest is a list of suggested innovative ideas that I’ve heard are to be put to the Department of Transport (DfT) to be trialed in Cycling Development Towns.

Of course some of these may never see the light of day, and even those that do may not be trialed in Cambridge, but they include a number that we’ve been asking for in Cambridge, some for years.

  • Sign for unmarked / advisory lane contraflow cycling
  • Cyclists’ exemption to No Entry signs
  • Option of times instead of distances on direction signs
  • Wider range of options for entry lanes into Advanced Stop Lines (including offside, multilane, no lane)
  • Cycle Lane marked on road without signs on posts
  • Painted pedestrian symbol for use on path surfaces
  • Elephants’ footprints markings – thick dashed lines similar to ‘give way’ ones but with currently no legal status
  • Reduced level of signing for cycle priority crossings
  • Flexibility on lengths of tactile paving required on shared-use routes
  • Smaller sign sizes (for example, for use on bollards).

Longer-term issues:

  • Tiger crossings – zebra crossings that cyclists can use, with black and yellow stripes
  • Separate signal heads for cyclists as used abroad.

In fact the observant may notice that we have some of these already, but please don’t tell the DfT, or they may come down and tell the County Council to remove them.

Jim Chisholm