Mill Road future

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 83.

Mill Road: forest of poles on the pavement
Image as described adjacent

There was a good turn out of local residents at the meeting on 5th March, marking the beginning, as Chair for the meeting David Howarth MP said, of the discussion about the future of Mill Road.

Opening comments from Councillors Nichola Harrison and Kilian Bourke explained the ideas which they are keen to see as a cross-party initiative. The meeting was then opened up to the audience and people gave their views with minimal interruption.

Not everyone in the room was enthusiastic about a 20 mph speed limit with one comment that you would have to be lucky to reach that speed, so the suggestion that this was widely supported looks questionable.

Debate covered increasing safety at junctions where clusters of reports accidents are located, perhaps by using raised tables, increasing the cycle parking, and establishing shared space perhaps by removing the central white line. Apparently, this encourages motorists to drive more considerately.

There were mixed views about the benefit of this, although residents were agreed that they would like to see poles removed from the pavement. Whatever is done though, the councillors would like to see the available money used for what Mill Road needs, not on basic maintenance. The Liberal Democrat Councillors have set up a website at which explains their ideas.

Bev Nicolson