Bike ride to Reach Fair

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 83.

Riding to Reach Fair

Following the success of the last Bike Ride to Reach Fair (see photos) we’re hoping this time it will be even bigger.

Reach Fair

Perfect weather last year brought out the riders and the official tally was 157. I think a realistic target this year will be around 300, though it could be more or less very much depending on the weather immediately before the event.

The 2009 ride takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May, starting from 9 am outside the Fort St. George Pub on Midsummer Common, Cambridge.

Entry is free and uncomplicated. The organisational presence is kept to a minimum as we try to demonstrate that cycling is a perfectly practical way of getting to the Fair. Because of the sheer numbers of riders expected there will be volunteer marshals riding with groups of about 50 riders, and an official who has the power to stop traffic on Ditton Lane.

Bicycles at Reach Fair

We’ve spread out the start of the ride so that we don’t all go at once. The Campaign stall bike will be at Midsummer Common from 9 am and the first group of riders will leave at 9:30 am. Then groups will leave every 10 minutes until the final departure at 10:30 am. With the support of Cambridge Cycling Town we’re fortunate to have Outspoken Delivery at the start of the ride helping with simple bike repairs and they will ride with us to Reach and back. The ride back to Cambridge leaves at around 2 pm.

For those tempted to go further, the ride on from Reach leaves at 1 pm and follows National Cycle Network route 11 via Wicken Fen to Ely, returning by the same route.

There should be two ride leaflets enclosed with your Newsletter – please use them to promote the ride!

Full details of the event on are on the website.

Simon Nuttall