Closures at roadworks

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 83.

Unacceptable signage at road works on Huntingdon Road
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In the space of three days, we received two notifications that contractors doing roadworks in Huntingdon Rioad and Shelford Road had, without authorisation, erected ‘No Cycling’ or ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs on roads remaining open to general traffic. This is unacceptable, and probably illegal. The correct signage should be ‘Narrow lanes – no overtaking’.

Approach to roadworks on Shelford Road

Erecting ‘No Cycling’ or ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs on roads still used by other traffic is unacceptable and probably illegal. Harsh action against contractors should be taken.

Action to remove the ‘No Cycling’ sign on Shelford Road at the roadworks for the Addenbrooke’s Access Road was taken the morning after we reported this to the County Council. Following many comments from our members, the Campaign contacted the County Council and new signs, which we feel are acceptable, were put up.

One photomap contributor cleverly decided to present a view on the approach to catering for cycling, by altering an existing image. The sign originally said ‘business open as usual’.
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Signs at the roadworks on Shelford Road for the Addenbrooke’s Access Road after they were corrected promptly when the Campaign contacted the County Council.
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Martin Lucas-Smith