Old Press/Mill Lane site

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 83.

For a while now, the University has been thinking about relocating various departments and administrative buildings. In the light of this, the City Council together with the University has produced a draft consultation plan looking at the future shape and possible uses of the Old Press/Mill Lane buildings.

Road junction

The document recognises that many pedestrians and cyclists go through this area but that there is potential for conflict at the pelican crossing and other (formal and informal) junctions. It also notes that cycle parking is not up to the City Centre standard so cycles are being parked in a way that can create difficulties simply because demand outstrips supply. They have identified a number of opportunities to address these problems, although the suggestions for the change of use of some buildings (such as shops and restaurants) might attract more pedestrians and cyclists to the area.

  • Granta Place, which runs next to the University Centre (or Grad Pad) could see the surface improved and a shared space environment created. They cite New Road in Brighton as an example.
  • They hope to improve permeability both on-road and through the sites on either side of Mill Lane.
  • The junctions at Trumpington Street/Pembroke Street and at the end of King’s Parade could be improved as part of this scheme.
  • The informal junctions at either end of Laundress Lane could be improved as could the area leading into Laundress Green, which can get congested with pedestrians and cyclists.
  • It is their objective to prioritise walking and cycling, protect the listed buildings and the conservation area generally and make it more vibrant.

The documents are at www.camcycle.org.uk/jumpto/nl83op and comments can be made online or sent to the planning office where they can also be read. The deadline for comments is 6th April.

Bev Nicolson