Bendy buses update

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 82.

Bendy bus in London

Members, especially those with experience of cycling in London, will be relieved to hear that these definitely seem to be off the agenda in Cambridge for now.

The Cambridge Evening News on 5th August 2008, reporting on our article in Newsletter 79 about our fears if these were introduced in Cambridge, obtained views from Councillors in Cambridge.

Cllr Alex Reid, Liberal Democrat [opposition] spokesman for environment and transport at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: ‘This is madness. With its constricted street pattern, the last thing Cambridge needs is bendy buses. Because of the hazards that they present to other road users, particularly cyclists, bendy buses are to be withdrawn in London, starting next year. We do not want them here.’

We welcome this. But most importantly, the man that makes the decisions agreed with our view:

Cllr Matt Bradney, the council’s cabinet member for growth and infrastructure, said he had no intention of introducing bending buses to the streets of Cambridge. He said: ‘I don’t want bendy buses in Cambridge. I think they are lethal, they are certainly anti-cyclist and there is no way under my portfolio there will be bendy buses in Cambridge.’

We welcome Councillor Bradney’s statement on bendy buses, and also his clear support for the Cycling Demonstration Town project that he displayed at the key meeting we attended on proposals for that project.

Martin Lucas-Smith