Grand Arcade Cycle Park working group

This article was published in 2009, in Newsletter 82.

The Grand Arcade Cycle Park is now seeing heavier use, as more people discover its existence. Half of it is a private area run by the shop.
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Signage to the Cycle Park has at last appeared on surrounding streets.
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We are extremely glad that, at long last, the Grand Arcade Cycle Park working group is being convened, almost a year after the opening of the Grand Arcade itself and despite there being a planning requirement that a stakeholder group be in place from the start.

The Grand Arcade Cycle Park has seen a steady increase in users to the extent it now seems to be being well-used. Yet, I have spoken to many people who are still unaware of the new Cycle Park’s existence, probably because of its poor location. However, signage to it has at last now appeared on surrounding streets, following our various requests for this, which may help things.

The Grand Arcade Cycle Park has seen a steady increase in users, however many people are still unaware of its existence

There will be an interesting issue once the ‘free’ cycle parking becomes full, as the other half has been taken up by the bike shop, a situation we always had some concerns about. Nonetheless, the bike shop has been a useful addition in the area, and is helping establish the Grand Arcade as the second ‘cycling hub’ (the first being Park Street Cycle Park, which is now heavily used), as well as managing the cycle parking, lockers and associated facilities.

Park Street Cycle Park, complete with ‘Bicycle Ambulance’ is now heavily used. This shows how the new concept of a cycle park can take time to establish itself, but is now providing real benefits for many users.
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A variety of issues about the Cycle Park itself remain, which were on the agenda for the first meeting in January. These include:

  • Closing time and security – the closure at 11.30pm makes the Cycle Park unusable for anyone having a night out. We have argued that it should be extended and the same security that is used to police the car park should be used here.
  • The barrier between the cycle park and the Grand Arcade still being out of service. No doubt if this was the main car park entrance it would have been fixed long ago.
  • Cleaning.
  • The anti slip covering at the entrance only being on the ramp.
  • Signage within the Grand Arcade to the cycle park and shop – which has improved recently.
Take Action

If you have any issues which you think the Working Group needs to cover, please let us know and we will raise them at the next meeting.

Full information on the Grand Arcade Cycle Park can be found here.