Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 80.

We are pleased to announce our latest major publication, the Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide. This follows hot on the heels of Cycling 2020 and Cycling in New Developments.

Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide

The Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide is a practical and Cambridge-specific guide that will give all those designing cycle parking clear and simple guidance on how to do it well. .

High-quality cycle parking enables cyclists to park their bikes securely and must be conveniently located for the cyclists’ destinations. Cycle stands need to be suitable for different sorts of bikes, positioned with sufficient space to enable cycles to be parked easily, without risk of injury to cyclist, cycle or other cycles. Generally, for security cyclists will wish to lock their cycle to the stand, unless the cycle is put in a lockable locker. Facilities should be easy to find, signposted, well-constructed and well-maintained.

The guide is a simple 12-page guide suitable for developers and existing site owners about how to provide good quality secure cycle parking, to encourage them to do so where there is no existing suitable cycle parking or to encourage them to upgrade inadequate and insecure cycle parking.

Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide

It starts from the key issue of why cycle parking is so necessary, and continues by discussing who to contact to get it installed and how much it costs. All the necessary information is provided in a single, concise booklet. It contains all the key information so that those considering installing cycle parking will not need to do further research themselves.

The guide should be on our website by the time you read this, and printed copies will be available on request. We will be circulating copies to organisations around Cambridge. We need your help for suggestions of recipients to add to the list we have been drawing up, so that we can send copies to them with a covering letter.

The guide has been written by our consultant, Alasdair Massie, and the design and original photography is by Geoff Muller of 2up Ltd. We thank them both for their work, and thank the Panel of Committee members who have managed the project.

This guide has been produced with grant assistance from Cambridge City Council under its ‘Safer City Grant’ Scheme. We are most grateful to them for their support, without which this project would not have been possible.

Martin Lucas-Smith