Regional College site planning application withdrawn

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 80.

Developers threatening to route all new residents’ traffic through the Abbey riverside area have withdrawn their planning application for the old Regional College site on Newmarket Road, by the Elizabeth Way roundabout. We reported on this proposed development in Newsletter 77. It is likely it will come back in some form – at present we do not know why the plan was withdrawn.

The Regional College site for which the planning application has been withdrawn, at least for now, together with the route that the developers and the County Council wanted all the new residents to take to get to it.
Image as described adjacent

As well as the traffic issues – which formed a large part of our planning objection and which were thoroughly criticised in a well researched presentation to the City Council’s development forum – closer inspection revealed that the facilities for cyclists on site were not as comprehensive as the developers were suggesting. Parts of the site were simply inaccessible by bike – for example, getting to bike racks involved going through building lobbies, and no sensible cycle routes were provided from the main part of the site onto Midsummer Common or Walnut Tree Avenue.

The property crisis is likely to put many schemes on hold and the massive developments due around the city may arrive somewhat later than envisaged. It could be that this development turns out to be a casualty of the downturn in the economy.

David Earl