The CCC Web Site

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 8.

With all the current hype surrounding the Internet, the first thing I’d like to point out, for those without Internet access, is that the Cycling Campaign World Wide Web pages are very definitely secondary in importance to the Newsletter as a medium for staying in touch with our members.

That said, the Web site has proved to be a good way of attracting new members, who can take a look at past newsletters to see what we’re doing, and can print a membership form directly from their Web browser.

We recently held a small meeting to discuss possible directions for future improvements for the Web site. Some of the suggestions made were:

  • Provide some statistics on how frequently the site is accessed, and by whom.
  • Have a “search” facility, as there’s so much information there now.
  • “Prettify” the page, with nicer graphical design.

    To date, only the first has been done. It shows that:

  • There are on average 350 requests per week (each file and each picture counts as a request)
  • There are requests from all over the world, including USA, Singapore, Israel and New Zealand.

Suggestions for other improvements, particularly in content, are welcome, as are small images to make the site visually more interesting.

If you have any specific requests for information you’d like to see added to the Web server, please send them to me (

Note: We specifically exclude minutes of our meetings from the Web Server, as we feel these should really be for members only. I keep a copy of all minutes and correspondence, and members are welcome to ask for copies (e-mail me, or phone me on Cambridge 336024).