Your streets this month

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 79.

Emmanuel Street

The extensive roadworks in Emmanuel Street mean the area is best avoided.
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Road works continue in Emmanuel Street which is now one-way from Drummer Street towards St Andrew’s Street. A contraflow lane for cyclists is planned but not yet in place. For the moment, turning in or out of Emmanuel Street requires great care and avoiding the area is recommended.

Hills Road Bridge

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Again roadworks continue, with a single narrow lane in each direction over the bridge. As a result of the Campaign’s efforts there are signs saying “Narrow lanes. Do not overtake cyclists”. We are now seeking to have these signs illuminated or redone using reflective lettering.

These works are associated with the construction of the guided busway and the County Council website explains “A new underpass for the busway at Hills Road bridge is progressing well. To build the underpass we are removing small sections of the road surface on the bridge at a time and putting in large concrete slabs to create a ‘box’ shaped underpass.”

For alternative routes avoiding Hills Road bridge and Emmanuel Street see the last Newsletter.

Station Road, Swavesey

Also as part of the guided busway works, the road between Swavesey and Over will be closed in order to build a new junction where the old railway crosses Station Road. Cambridgeshire County Council say: “The closure is necessary because a large concrete slab has to be laid across the junction and new surfacing completed. Before the road is closed we will complete some work in advance (using temporary traffic signals) to keep the closure to a minimum. We anticipate the road could be closed for a couple of months. When the road is closed, there will still be access for cyclists and pedestrians. The exact date of the road closure will be well advertised along with diversion routes.”

For more details of works associated with the guided busway and progress reports, see the guided busway website.