Volunteers needed

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 79.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign prides itself on producing six professional-looking newsletters a year. This is achieved by a small team of hardworking volunteers and a very co-operative printer – Victoire Press of Bar Hill. The small team of hardworking volunteers would welcome additional members to help with the editorial tasks. Particularly needed – you may have noticed (!) – are people who can proof-read articles, correct grammar and punctuation, and improve readability.

I would also welcome a volunteer (or volunteers) to take on the task of compiling the regular “Your Streets This Month” feature. This requires someone who is aware of what is going on in Cambridge, or who can find out what is being planned, particularly roadworks and road closures which may affect our members’ journeys. Also helpful would be people prepared to review books, DVDs and other items relating to cycling and people who can produce illustrations.

The timescale for newsletter production is fixed well in advance, so we know when the busy times will be, and there is no obligation to get involved with every issue. If you would like more information before deciding whether you can help, please contact me by email: mfrisch@phonecoop.coop – I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Monica Frisch