Letter from COPE

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 79.

COPE is Cambridge Older People’s Enterprise: a Forum planning for the future, for and by persons aged 50 and over in and around Cambridge City. They recently sent us the following letter. To find out more, visit their website at www.cambridgecope50.org , email cambridgecope@hotmail.co.uk or write to Rhona Boorman, 40 Stretton Avenue, Cambridge CB4 3EP.

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your letter of 26 May including your two major new publications, which I have now read and which are excellent.

I am the public transport spokesperson for COPE and also the Editor of the COPE newsletter, currently 3,000 copies of about 16 pages are published normally monthly and distributed not only to our 2,053 members but also every parish, district, city and county councillor as well as many other opinion formers and decision makers.

I also attend the City Council Public Transport Steering Group on behalf of COPE and also on occasion the Public Transport Scrutiny sub committee meetings of the County Council. My area of interest is generally buses and taxis.

COPE supports and encourages cycling and publishes the views of members of COPE who happen to also be members of your organisation.

COPE has members who encourage walking tours, as a means of learning and maintaining fitness, but as an organisation entirely dependent on the efforts of volunteers, we have not had any proposals to lead a cycling group. If you know of anyone over the age of 50 who would care to volunteer we would be delighted to assist. COPE members have attended several “consultations” on new developments and are trying to ensure they are of the best possible standard, while being older people friendly.

Please encourage your active older members to become involved with COPE.

Robert Boorman