Cambridge: A ‘Cycling Demonstration Town’?

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 77.

Many already think that Cambridge demonstrates the benefits of a ‘Cycling Culture’ but Cambridgeshire County Council will be submitting a case for Cambridge, with its ‘necklace’ villages, to be one of the next tranche of Cycling Demonstration Towns.

Three years ago six towns became the first cycling demonstration towns and received significant lumps of Government money to fund various improvements. Initial results from these towns, which include Aylesbury, Darlington and Brighton, have proved promising, and now a further £140 million is to be made available to six more towns. Although we gather that 60 towns have made initial enquiries, we hope that the special circumstances in Cambridge give us odds of better than 10:1.

Of course this steeplechase has many hurdles before the finish in June, but we’ll be doing all we can to support the bid. If this bid is successful it could see another couple of million each year over three years, entirely for cycling. (That’s about half the cost of the new multi-storey car park for a mere 1000 cars at Addenbrooke’s.)

Jim Chisholm