Cycle parking guide: can you help us produce this?

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 77.

Parked cycles

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has received a grant from the City Council’s ‘Safer City’ Scheme to produce a Cycle Parking Guide. The grant is for a total of £3,500 (to include £1,000 for printed copies) and we are extremely grateful to the Safer City Scheme for this.

The intention is explicitly for a practical and Cambridge-specific guide that can give owners of existing buildings clear and simple guidance on how to create cycle parking. We get a lot of enquiries about how to ‘do’ cycle parking, and this guide is something we will be able to use to answer these enquiries, as well as pro-actively sending the guide to very many existing development owners, to encourage them to install new cycle parking.

Aims of the guide

To provide a simple c. 8-12 page guide suitable for developers and existing site owners about how to provide secure cycle parking, to encourage them to do so where there is no existing suitable cycle parking or to encourage them to upgrade inadequate and insecure cycle parking.

Developers of new buildings are failing to meet existing Cycle Parking Standards set by the City Council and the result is that poor quality, ill-thought-out cycle racks are provided. Furthermore, there remains a widespread legacy of poor or insufficient parking around Cambridge. Consequently, levels of theft remain extremely high.

Existing cycle parking guides are often over-complex and insufficiently Cambridge-specific. We want a guide which starts from the key issues of why cycle parking is a good thing, all the way through to who to contact to get it installed and how much it costs – i.e. all the necessary information in a single, concise short booklet.

We expect that the City and County Councils and police would be able to make use of this guide themselves and send it out to potential developers and others enquiring about cycle theft issues.

Call for Tenders

We are looking for consultants to assemble the material and to work up the material into visual format so it can be printed.

If you are interested in this work, please view our official Call for Tenders on our website.

Martin Lucas-Smith